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The law firm

DRD & Partners was born from the merger of two law firms: the Dalfino law firm and the Reboli & Delle Foglia law firm, both based in Bari and operating nationally and internationally.

The Dalfino Law Firm finds its prestigious origins in the joint initiative of two of the most illustrious exponents of the Bari Bar, Enrico Dalfino and Cesare Dalfino, sons of prof. Giuseppe Dalfino, former school inspector of the Province of Bari. The first, full professor of administrative law at the University of Bari, administrative and civil lawyer, as well as Mayor of the City of Bari in the years 1990 and 1991. The second, civil lawyer of clear fame. A lucky and very solid partnership, enriched by the family bond and a perfect understanding.

After the untimely death of the two brothers, the Firm was able to count on the professionalism and experience of the lawyers Luciano Dalfino and Giuseppe Dalfino, cousins, who, from the teaching of their predecessors, were also able to cultivate the great sensitivity for the underlying human aspect. to each story.

The Reboli & Delle Foglia Law Firm was born from the commitment of two brothers, Carlo Reboli, a lawyer especially active in the extrajudicial sector, and Emilio Reboli, an administrative lawyer, educated in professional rigor by their father Francesco, Notary in Bari, and their mother, Giulia Dalfino , civil lawyer; as well as Giuseppe Delle Foglia, a lawyer expert in maritime law and telecommunications, as well as a member of the management committee of the Southern Adriatic Sea Port System Authority. All of proven and recognized value.

he synergy between the two law firms, benefited by the wealth of knowledge and experience acquired, allows us to offer a service of assistance and representation in the judicial and extrajudicial field, competent, faithful, effective and timely in the civil sector, almost all its forms (right succession law, family law, company law, real rights, condominium, leases, law of obligations and contracts in particular, company law, labor law and so on) in the administrative sector (public procurement, construction and urban planning, health law, public employment and so on), as well as in the specific sectors of maritime law, environmental law, telecommunications law, insolvency proceedings law, industrial property law.