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Civil Law

Civil Law

DRD & Partners provides judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance in matters of civil law understood in its various profiles of a private and international nature and obviously declined towards Alternative Dispute Resolution such as conciliation, mediation, ABF and ACF.

In particular, the Firm, also through a continuous and by now consolidated consultancy activity aimed at legal persons and / or private individuals, boasts considerable experience in the field of:


  • family law (marriage, personal, associations and foundations, procedures for the adoption or recognition of a child, mental illness, inability to act and marital separation);
  • succession (with the related types of wills and all aspects related to the matter such as legitimate rights, succession in the absence of a will, the discipline of legacies, inheritance institutions and charges);
  • Property rights (usufruct or surface rights, predial easements, borders and, for what remains, agricultural law);
  • obligations and contracts (the sources of which, pursuant to article 1173 of the Code, also include unlawful facts, as governed by articles 2043 of the Italian Civil Code and following, which are relevant for the purposes of liability and compensation for damage due to medical malpractice, or “aquiliana “In general, relevant in various cases, including road accidents, or damage caused by animals);
  • labor law and commercial and corporate law (the company and the entrepreneur, employment relationships and corporate law, with the related procedures for setting up partnerships or joint-stock companies);
  • protection of rights (issues relating to registration, registration of mortgages and real estate advertising and evidence with reference to civil proceedings, or issues relating to notarial law, real estate circulation and related to legal operators, but also prescription and forfeiture, fundamental for the to preliminarily assess the appropriateness of a judicial action).
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