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Agri-food Law

Agri-food law

DRD & Partners provides judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance in the field of agri-food law understood in its various profiles of a public and administrative nature, and, obviously, private law and, in any case, declined towards forms of support for agriculture and promotion and incentive of “organic” in accordance with the general objective of enhancing the environment and natural space through environmentally friendly management models of agricultural land.

In particular, the Firm, also through a continuous and by now consolidated consultancy activity, boasts considerable experience:

  • to support farmers, farms and trade associations operating in the arable land, animal husbandry, fruit and vegetable sectors, etc .;
  • in relations with public institutions in the sector and in particular with Paying Bodies, in the application of Euro-Union, state and regional legislation;
  • in the distinct profiles relating to euro-union, state and regional benefits and disbursements, especially with regard to the Measures of Rural Development Programs.

Again in this context, the Firm, through its members, is responsible for providing advice and assistance in relation to procedures for suspension of disbursements, enforcement of surety policies, revocation and forfeiture of benefits.

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